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New phone options - any problems?


Dear patient,

It is now a couple of days since we went live with the changes to the our phone options.  Everything seems to be going well, but we have had a couple of patients tell us about the volume of the new messages.  These have been re-recorded, and should now be much easier to hear!

We have also had a couple of comments from patients that they have had some difficulty getting through to our Surbiton surgery. Enquiries made to other callers have told us that everything seems fine, and our phone provide advises us that the system is not showing any faults.

If you do experience any problems with long wait times, especially when using the options for the branches AFTER 9.00 a.m., please do not hesitate to send us a quick message telling us what line you were trying to access and at roughly what time you were calling, and we will investigate.

Thank you,

The Churchill Medical Centre