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2013-14 Patient Survey results


Dear Patient,


Thank you to those of you who took part in our recent annual survey.  You can see the results by going to our this page of our website


As you can see from the results, we had 64 responses to this survey, which is nearly double the response we had last year, and our highest response rate yet.  We invited more than 250 patients who had expressed an interest in taking part, and so are quite pleased with a response rate of better than 25%.  We will aim to increase the number of responses again when we next conduct a survey.


We have done the draw for the £10 shopping vouchers – we only had 10 entries with the password! – and will be contacting the recipients of the vouchers shortly.


Again, there was not sufficient interest in setting up a face to face meeting at the Surgery to follow up with patients.  This is something we would still very much like to do, so if you are interested please let us know by responding to this e-mail.


We think that the results, on the whole, were better than last year. 


- 92% of patients described their experience on last visiting the surgery to be 'satisfactory' (23%), 'good' (39%) or 'very good' (30%), which is up from 87% at the last survey


- 63% of you thought that the amount of time the doctor spent with you was ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’, up from 54% last year.


- The number of patients who are unhappy with the set-up of reception has fallen from 27% to 20%.  


- It is a relatively small change, but the number of patients who ‘disagreed’ or ‘strongly disagreed’ that we provide the range of health services you need fell from 17% to 14%


We are disappointed though not to have maintained results or achieved improvements in the following areas.


 - 72% of patients are 'quite satisfied' or 'satisfied' with the practice opening hours, down from 78% at the last survey.


- 41% of patients said that they found it 'difficult' or 'very difficult' to get an appointment, up from 34% at the last survey


- Of those patients that had seen a nurse, a minimum of 79% thought that their experience was ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’, compared to a minimum of 93% of respondents in the previous survey.  The ratings for our nursing team were down in every category.


There were also some changes since the last survey in respect of which of our patients responded to the Survey, and the priorities they identified


- Patients in the previous survey identified Saturday opening as their clearest priority for additional hours. In this survey, additional hours after 6.30 pm and on Saturdays were accorded almost the same priority.


- The number of respondents from our Tudor Drive surgery increased from 11% last time to 24% for this survey, giving us a more even distribution of completed surveys from across the 3 different surgeries.


- Patients identified access to blood tests as a service they would like to see extended at the practice.  There were also some comments regarding improving ways to contact the surgery (including e-mails and telephone)


For the third survey running, the top two priorities you identified were


1) The service patients receive from doctors


2) Ease of making an appointment


There were not any strong themes in the responses provided on priorities, but access by telephone was one that stood out (see above also)


Other points of interest were


- 52% of respondents use the website as a source of information, compared to 38% last year.  This is perhaps unsurprisingly the highest percentage for this question in the 3 years we have been doing the survey.


- We have had a greater proportion of specific comments than in previous years, which is very helpful feedback for the practice.


- The proportion of male and female respondents has remained exactly the same this year as last – 20% male, 80% female.


 - Sadly, for the second year running, we have had no replies from patients aged 18-24.  We are addressing this by carrying out a survey for young people face to face at the surgery.  As a whole, the demographics of the respondents are very similar to previous years.


- This year, some patients experienced problems with question 8 and question 20, which asked you to rank a list of items by highest priority.  These did not allow you to give items equal priority.  We will look into making these questions more flexible in the next survey, and ensure that we better explain how they can be answered.


After the last survey, we circulated an amended Action Plan identifying your main priorities, please see below a list of what we have managed to complete from that plan so far this year


Service from our Doctors – The percentages for both of these sections has improved this year; down from 32% to 27% for the way the Dr explains your problems or treatment required as fair, poor or very poor, and down from 46% to 37% for the amount of time a doctor spends with you rated as fair, poor or very poor.


Ease of making an Appointment – We are presently providing more appointments than at any other time, based on the demand and capacity exercise carried out last year.  However, this is still something that we need to review, based on the feedback received from patients in this survey.


Our Facilities/ Buildings – Feedback in this survey indicates that the new queuing system at Kingston has improved confidentiality for patients.


I have once again reviewed and updated the Action Plan to reflect what has been completed, and to prioritise new areas for focus based on the comments from this survey.  You can access a revised version of the plan on the Churchill website. If you have any comments or feedback on the Plan, please contact the practice using the links on the 'contact us' page of this website or by calling the practice on 020 3727 2230 and asking to speak to the Practice Manager about the Patient Reference Group. 


We are also required to submit a report to NHS England about our PRG, you can find a copy of this here.


If, in the meantime, you would like to comment or provide feedback on these results, please do not hesitate to call me on the number below or send an e-mail to this address (please use the e-mail title "PATIENT SURVEY FEEDBACK").  Once again, we only had a couple of patients indicate that they would be interested in taking part in a face to face meeting to discuss the results.  If you are interested in this option, please let us know.


Thank you for the interest you have shown in helping us to improve the day to day running of the Churchill Medical Centre, I look forward to contacting you with further information in the coming months.  If you would like your name removed from our Patient Reference Group list, please reply to this e-mail with "PATIENT SURVEY STOP" in the title. 


Kind Regards,


Mat Chilcott

Practice Manager

Churchill Medical Centre

Clifton Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6PG

Tel: 020 3727 2230

Fax: 020 3727 2231