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Patient Survey results 2014-15


Dear Patient,


Thank you to those of you who took part in our recent annual survey.  You can see the results by going to our website.


As you can see from the results, we had 58 responses to this survey.  This is slightly lower than last year, but the number of surveys completed is significantly up.  We invited more than 200 patients who had expressed an interest in taking part, and so are quite pleased with a response rate of very nearly 30%.  We will aim to increase the number of responses again when we next conduct a survey.


We have done the draw for the £10 shopping vouchers; we had twice as many entries with the password as last year.  The winners have already been contacted, and some of the vouchers handed over.


This year, we were extremely pleased to have enough interest to hold a face to face meeting of patients who wanted to be part of a Patient Participation Group.  The meeting was held at the start of March, and went very well.  The next meeting is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 5th May, please contact the practice in advance if you are interested in attending, so that we can cater for numbers.  


The results from this year’s survey were very positive, with an improvement in nearly all areas, and targets from last year’s action plan met. 


- 93% of patients described their experience on last visiting the surgery to be 'satisfactory' (16% this year. 23% last year), 'good' (29% this year, 39% last year) or 'very good' (48% this year, 30% last year), which is up from 92% at the last survey


- 71% of you thought that the amount of time the doctor spent with you was ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’, up from 63% last year, and 54% the year before that.


- For the GP Services, ALL of the criteria were above 70% ratings for ‘good’ or ‘very good’; the first time we have achieved this.


- For the nurses services, all of the criteria had improved, with two of the ratings at 88% and all other scores above 90%


 - 79% of patients are 'quite satisfied' or 'satisfied' with the practice opening hours, up from 66% at the last survey.


Nearly all of the responses showed an improvement in services, although the area that did not reflect this was appointments


- 27% of patients said that they found it 'difficult' or 'very difficult' to get an appointment, down from 41% at the last survey, which is pleasing.


- However, 41% of patients said they found it ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’, slightly down from a score of 42% last year


There were also some changes since the last survey relating to which of our patients responded to the Survey, and the priorities they identified


- As last year, in this survey, additional hours after 6.30 pm and on Saturdays were accorded almost the same priority.


- The number of respondents from our Tudor Drive and Surbiton continued to increase, meaning that this year just over 51% of respondents considered Churchill Kingston as their ‘home’ surgery.  This is the closest we have come yet to an equal spread between sites.


- We had a significant increase in the number of carers completing the survey, up from 4% last year to 14% this year.


For the fourth survey running, the top two priorities you identified were


1) The service patients receive from doctors


2) Ease of making an appointment


although the gap between the two has grown slightly this year.


There were not any strong themes in the responses provided on priorities, but continuity of care from the same doctor was one that came up a few times.


Other points of interest were


- 67% of respondents use the website as a source of information, compared to 38% 2 years ago.


- We have once again (with the help of an additional ‘catch all’ question) had more comments and general information than in previous years, which is very helpful feedback for the practice.


- It is still the case that nearly 4 times more women than men complete the survey


 - Although we are still struggling to get responses from patients aged 18-24, we have now completed a young person’s survey, and will be feeding the information gathered from this into our plans for the surgery.


After the last survey, we circulated an amended Action Plan identifying your main priorities, please see below a list of what we have managed to complete from that plan so far this year


Service from our Doctors – For the first time since the start of the survey four years ago, we have received  ratings of more than 70% in all categories for the service you received from our doctors, which was a target from last year.  We saw increased ratings in 6 of the 8 categories, with a fall in only one category.


Ease of making an Appointment – We undertook to carry out a demand and capacity exercise to ensure that sufficient appts are available at the right times.  Secondly, the practice agreed to review the telephone system to increase capacity for calls to the practice.


The Demand & Capacity exercise was completed in February 2015, and as a result changes to the rota have been made to provide additional appointments at times of greatest demand.


With regards to the telephone system, the practice has changed reception staffing at peak call times, supplementing the number of staff available with members of the management team.  The practice can receive more than 1,200 phone calls in a day, so we are constantly analysing data from our new phone system to try and improve access for patients.  We are also hoping to implement a ‘queue position’ system sometime this year, dependent on our suppliers upgrading their system.


The service you receive from our Nurses – Although we did not quite achieve the target of all areas being rated at 90% or above, we came very close. 5 of the 7 criteria were above 90%, and the remaining two achieved a rating of 88%.  All of the ratings increased from between 3% to 13% from last years ratings.


I have once again reviewed and updated the Action Plan to reflect what has been completed, and to prioritise new areas for focus based on the comments from this survey.  You can access a revised version of the plan on the Churchill website.


You can also see a copy of the report about our work with the PPG that we submit to NHS England.


In the meantime, if you would like to comment or provide feedback on these results, please do not hesitate to call me on the number below or send an e-mail to this address (please use the e-mail title "PATIENT SURVEY FEEDBACK").  It would be great to have more of you at are next patient meeting on the evening of 5th May.


Thank you for the interest you have shown in helping us to improve the day to day running of the Churchill Medical Centre, I look forward to contacting you with further information in the coming months.  If you would like your name removed from our Patient Reference Group list, please reply to this e-mail with "PATIENT SURVEY STOP" in the title. 


Kind Regards,


Mat Chilcott

Practice Manager

Churchill Medical Centre

Clifton Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6PG

Tel: 020 3727 2230

Fax: 020 3727 2231