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Tudor Drive Latest


       The National NHS Co-operation and Competition Panel has found that the PCT was wrong to stop us from opening and has recommended to the Department of Health that we be allowed to open, but so far the PCT still refuses to give its permission to open the surgery.

       Thanks to all of you who have helped in campaigning to have our Tudor Drive Surgery opened since it was completed in the Summer of 2008.


These are excerpts from the CCP's press release:

       The CCP finds NHS Kingston’s decision to deny the opening of a new branch surgery [at 164 Tudor Drive] to be inconsistent with the Principles and Rules for Co-operation and Competition

       As a result, the CCP has recommended to the Department of Health and London Strategic Health Authority that NHS Kingston should allow Churchill Medical Centre to provide NHS-funded services at the proposed branch surgery.


The full findings can be seen here:


       It would be very helpful if any of the 800 or so of you who said they wanted to use the new surgery could write to the Chief Executive and Chair of NHS Kingston as well as the Secretary of State, Andy Burnham in support of the surgery opening. The addresses are below.


       We’ll keep you updated


Chief Executive

Chair of PCT

Kingston PCT

Hollyfield House
22 Hollyfield Road,




Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP
Secretary of State for Health
Department of Health
Richmond House
79 Whitehall