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Summary Care Records


The NHS is changing the way your health information is stored and managed.


The NHS summary care record is being introduced. Your summary care record is an electronic record of important information about your health. At first, it will contain information about any allergies you mat have, bad reactions to medicines and medicines you are taking. This will be in addition to your existing health records which will continue to be used as they are now.


All patients have the choice to opt in or out of the summary records


This is being introduced throughout Kingston at the moment.  Everyone registered with a GP practice covered by NHS Kingston will be sent a letter and a leaflet explaining this on or after 14th April.   Patients have until 30th June 2010 to make an informed decision whether a record will be created for them.


For more information, including the option to download an opt-out form please go to:

or Telephone: 0845 603 8510