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Important notice about our Appointments system


A new appointments system at Churchill Medical Centres

Your appointments system has changed.

This is what’s happening and why.


Recently, patients told us what they would like to see changed at Churchill Medical Centre:

*        You said you wanted quicker telephone contact with a doctor

*        You said you wanted to be able to book ahead more easily

*        You said you wanted simple things such as repeat prescriptions and certificates sorted out without having to book in to see a doctor as long as it was safe

We have brought in a system that could solve these problems which is used in other surgeries. They have found that many problems can be dealt with easily and safely through early telephone contact with a doctor or through appointments with another member of the practice professional team. This means more appointments are available for patients who need or would like a face to face meeting with a doctor.

In the new system:

·         When you ring you will be given a time when a doctor will ring you back.

·         The doctor will speak to you and will deal with your problem over the phone if it is possible. At least half of all calls can be dealt with over the phone, often many more.

·         This provides quick doctor contact without having to book in.

·         If the doctor thinks you should be seen at surgery or you would rather be seen there, you will be booked  in to see a doctor or another member of the practice team such as a nurse or health care assistant if that is appropriate.

·         You and your doctor together are the best people to decide how best to manage your problem when you call. 

·         If you and your doctor agree, you will be offered an appointment convenient to you from the appointments that are available. No matter what time of day you telephone you will not have to be first in the queue in order to get an appointment.

 Remember: This does not mean you will only be able to have contact with a doctor over the phone. You will be able to see a doctor if you choose to. 

We are trying this new system out to meet your needs, which means we are constantly looking at the system and making changes where we can.  In the end there will be more appointments available as a result. We would like to apologise to those who have had problems as we have brought in the new way of working. We are doing our best to sort these out and we rely on you to let us know where the problems are. If you have any suggestions or wish to let us know about a problem you have had with the new system, either jot down a note on the back of this leaflet and hand it in at surgery (with or without a name), book to speak to our practice manager, Susie Puffett or let us know via our website:


With  thanks for your patience                                                 All the Partners at Churchill Medical Centre