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CMC's additional phone number 020 3435 4659


From Monday 25th June, you will be able to contact Churchill Medical Centre using two different phone numbers.

Our existing phone number, 0844 499 7044, will remain available and calls to this number will be dealt with on a ‘first come, first served’ basis through our digital queuing system.  Telephone numbers with an 0844 code should be charged at the equivalent of a geographic local rate number, but the amount you pay for a call will depend on the tariff charged by your phone provider.

Due to the volume of calls received at busy periods, there will inevitably be times when you will need to wait to be put through, so please ensure that you check your tariff with your provider before calling, especially if you are using a mobile.

In addition to the 0844 number, from 25th June patients will also be able to contact Churchill Kingston on 020 3435 4659.  Calls to this number will usually be charged at a local geographic rate, although again we would advise patients to check your phone provider’s tariff, especially when calling from a mobile phone.

As it is not possible to connect an 020 number to our main network telephone queuing system, your call will join directly with our local enquires queue at our Kingston Branch, which has limited capacity.  Because of this, if other patients are already calling the 020 number when you call, you will hear an engaged tone.

In previous surveys, patients have told us that they prefer to go into a queuing system to wait to speak to one of our receptionists, rather than have an engaged tone and have to repeatedly redial.  Through our Patient Reference Group (PRG), we will continue to monitor this situation.  If you are interested in being part of the Churchill PRG, you can register your details using the form below, or by asking for a form at reception.