COPD Information

To minimise the risks of COPD it is advisable to have regular reviews.  Kate and Iris are our respiratory specialist nurses, Barbara carries out annual reviews and Dr Bimal Raja and Dr Haythem Naseef both have an interest in respiratory medicine.

If you have been advised to so, please complete our COPD assessment.

You can find out more information about how you can manage your COPD in the link below: 

Are you chesty?

Are you more breathless, feeling unwell?
Are you coughing up more phlegm or has your phlegm turned yellow or green?

If yes, take your emergency medicine” given to you to have at home by your doctor. If, after 72hrs, you do not feel better then contact your GP or Out of Hours Doctor service on 111.

Order your medicines

Make sure you have your inhalers and tablets. If you use your emergency medicines, do not forget to let your GP know and order a fresh supply.

Plan your care

Is your care plan up to date? Are you sure you know who to contact if you feel unwell? Do you have a copy to show to any health professional that you see? See your GP to agree your care plan.

Do act, Don’t ignore how you feel

There is good evidence that treating chesty type symptoms early can reduce the risk of people with COPD being admitted to hospital.