Travel Advice

Our practice nurses carry out travel vaccine appointments. In order to make an appointment for these you will need to complete our Travel Risk Assessment form. 

Contact us 4-6 days after handing in your form to find out what vaccines you need. The nurses will look through your past vaccination history and check the vaccines you require for the country you are visiting before preparing your personal vaccination requirements.

Travelling within the next month?

Please try to contact us at least four weeks prior to departure to allow time for your vaccinations to take effect. Not all vaccinations are free on the NHS, below is a pricing list for the vaccines we are able to offer:

Fees for travel vaccine

  • Hepatitis B (course of 3) – £35.00
  • Meningitis ACWY – £48.00
  • Rabies – £52.00
  • Yellow Fever – £61.00

Other vaccines

  • Polio – free
  • Tetanus – free
  • Typhoid – free
  • Hepatitis A (1st and 2nd injection) – free

Travelling within the next two weeks?

If you are travelling within the next 2 weeks, you will need to attend a travel clinic as we will not be able to see you at the practice. This is because you need to be seen as soon as possible to give the maximum amount of time for your vaccines to take effect and the nursing team will not have time to check your vaccination history.

The practice will be able to give you a computer printout of your vaccination history free of charge, alternatively you can log in to your online access account and view it there. Some suggestions of places to try are below, although this is not an exhaustive list: